If you are thinking that you’re the only one who struggles when it comes to dressing, and you feel like the whole thing about dresses and clothes are mad at you!

You are definitely wrong! Ako din!

Napakaraming dilemmas ng mga plus-size woman when it comes to fashion. Like kung paano mamili at kung ano ang pipiliin mo na akma for your body as a plus sized. It was never too easy.

Yes, madaling magsuot ng damit, pero mahirap humanap ng fit sa’yo, finding the dress that fits you correctly, that won’t be easy as a game. Here are the common situations of a plus size woman when it comes to dressing:


These are the most complaints ng mga kababaihang plus-size, with their large busts, yes the dress might fit well pero kapag button-up dresses, there’s gaping in between the buttons. For this particular dilemma, dapat na hanapin mo is yung fit sa shoulders mo and well-tailored of course. Pero may isa pang paraan para magamit mo yung bottom-up dress mo na may gaping between the buttons, wear or put some fashion tape or safety pins para masara mo ang gaps. Safety pins must be black or white that can close the gap without drawing the eye to a bright silver pin.


This is the struggle ng mga kababaihan, that maybe yung upper and lower part ng dress pwede na, and that akala mo okay na as a whole. Pero in the middle, there’s the dilemma. Sa tummy or waist part probably masikip. At nire-reveal yung fats on your waist which makes a plus-size women complain about this situation. Ikaw ba, kung alam mo nang plus-size ka na you would wear pa yung revealing dresses na unfit sa’yo? Of course not, As a plus-size woman, ang dapat na hinahanap mo is yung tama lang for your body and will make your figure na magstand-out. Na kahit plus-size ka, maganda pa rin ang build up ng katawan mo, and that will make your image still fashionable!


Pinaka-common sa lahat. You want the dress, pero hindi kasya sa’yo. It unfits! The best way to do is? Consider looking for fabric blends na with small amount ng spandex. These days, ito na ang usually na ginagamit ng mga plus sized kasi there’s much elasticity, na nagpapadali para makakilos ka.


Mahirap para sa mga plus-size woman na magsuot ng cute strapless or backless and dress styles sa more formal occasions. Ang solusyon dito is maghanap ka, do a research. Maraming brands ang mayroong strapless bras made specifically para sa mga kababaihan with large breasts na gumagamit ng elastic at structured material to keep the bra in place.


Wala namang mali sap ag-eexpose ng little portion of your skin kapag lalabas sa gabi, pero ang pagsusuot ng revealing dresses may feel inappropriate. Best solution here is magsuot ng camisoles under your tops para ma-cover ang cleavage. Or  a cardigan just to cover some parts na hindi na dapat i-reveal.

Some people might think na madali lang manamit para sa lahat, pero not really. To understand what fashion for plus-size ay mahalaga para maintindihan ang hindi naintindi—which is fashionable. Historically, ang mga plus-size woman ay conservative look ang mine-maintain. Nothing tight or body-hugging dresses. No crop tops nor loud colors. No patters and horizontal stripes. At ang resulta nito? Ang plus section tend to dress na less fashion that nakagawian is to hide their body. Pero ngayon, changes began to exist, na kahit sa fahion it must be equal. That even plus-size can be hot and daring , and malaki ang possibility na mag-trend worldwide. This is the encouragement they could give para sa iba pang mga full-figured woman out there.

That’s why ang mga dilemma nilang ito ay hindi na dapat ganung ka-big deal when it comes to fashion. Marami na namang alternatives para sa mga kasuotan these days. If wala pa today yung hinahanap mo, there’s still a chance na tomorrow there will be.

One more thing is walang masama sa pagiging plus-size kasi it can still represent you as a “real woman” no matter what dress ang suotin mo. If you have the confidence na maganda pa rin ang kutis or skin mo, then why not? You have the freedom to dress yourself the way na alam mong maganda para sa’yo.

Ikaw? What are your struggles when it comes to pananamit?