Daily routines of a Mother

• Wake up early and do their breakfast- Moms usually get their selves up in bed before any one wakes up. Kailangan nilang maunahan ang pagtilaok ng manok sa umaga kumbaga.They have to stand even if they feel like they want to forever stick and stay on their comfortable sleeping bed. Why? Because they need to go straight to the kitchen and make breakfast for their family. They must do this cause if not, everyone will grumble. So every morning, whatever happens Moms need to go up and work, just imagine how annoying will that be, you are forced to get up even if you feel like you do not want to get up at that very moment. But anyways, no matter how tiring and annoying it is to wake up early every morning, it becomes an automatic drive to some of our fellow Mommies.

• Prepare the things they need for the day- and of course after they prepared breakfast, they will also go and prepare for their family needs on mornings. Just like for example, during school years, the kids need to go to school early in the morning so the Mom will prepare their things, such as their lunch, books, projects to bring, their uniform and clothes, and the things they need to take a bath. And for their husband, they need to iron their clothes and also packed lunch if needed. Moms will definitely be the super busy person in earth when the morning comes. Just imagine how their morning will be, doing so many things for their family.

• Clean up all mess- have you ever heard about the “tapat mo, linis mo” or “kalat mo! Linis mo” phrases? Commonly maririnig natin yan sa mga Baranggay but here in the sense of being a mother, usually that phrases are not even applicable! Why? Cause Moms are always the ones who clean up all mess. They clean and arrange everything their family messed up. They wash the dishes after they eat, laundry their clothes after they use, make up their bed after they sleep and put everything into places all over their house. That is why mothers are the best “mess-cleaner”

• Solve their issues everyday- fortunately, aside from being a chef, assistant and a domestic helper, A mother is also a detective, why? They need to help their family, especially their kid’s issues and cases every day. Like for example where’s the one pair of their socks, where their shoes is or why thus the character on the movie does they are watching died and so much more. See? They need to solve those issues every day, they need to seek, explain and give solutions to help their family.

• Support them- and of course one of their everyday duty is to be a number 1 fan of their family members, how? A mother would shout all their throats out when their kids for example is on a competition or activity, saying “anak ko yan! Whoo! Ang galling mo! Mana sa nanay”. They will not miss your special moments and they will always believe on them no matter what. They will give admiration to every single and simple thing their kids achieved. They will be the ones who will first be happy for their child’s achievements. And in a graduation day? They are more excited and happy than their kids who will march towards their diplomas. If you think that only those famous celebrities have a number one fan, oh well, you are absolutely wrong! The truth is every one of us has a number one fun ever since we were born, who? No other that our beloved Mother.

• Make sure they are safe and ok- believe it or not, a mother is also a body guard. A body guard who protects her family and make sure they are safe and ok. Moms are body guards who’s willing to stay up twenty four hours just to guard her family, they are willing to take their life at risks every day just to take away dangers from their family. They protect their family more than they protect themselves. They care for their family more than they care for themselves. In their everyday life, they always make sure every one of them is safe and at peace.

• Cook for dinner- commonly, one of the most awaited bonding times of a family is the dinner time! Or in tagalog “hapunan” why? Because every dinner, Moms are expected to cook special dishes to serve their family. Usually dinner time is when the family is already complete, the kids are already at home from their schools, the father also got home from work and they are all together para magsalo-salo sa hapunan, sweet isn’t it? At syempre as I have said the Mother is the one who’s in charge to cook and prepare everything for dinner. That’s part of their everyday life.

• Make sure they are asleep at night- and in the long run, after all your day doing things all by your own as a mother, after your whole tiring day, for the last time around when they are already to take rest, a mother needs to kiss her family goodnight, or maybe read a bed time story for her kids. In this time they need to make sure they are already at rest, they are comfortable and they are at peace. But if you think this will end here, of course not! Sabi nga a Mothers job is with in 24 hours. Kahit na natutulog na ang isang Ina, she is still widely alert just iff in case her family needs something in the midlle of the night. Ang hirap diba? It is like there is no time for them to be at peace. But this hardship is all worth it for them, why? Because they whole-heartedly love their family more than anything else even more than their selves.
So going back, those are the common routines of a Mom every day, but still, it depends on their situation, perhaps others have bigger families and so bigger responsibilities or those who are working Moms, of course their lives every day are much different from others. Anyways, the important thing here is that we! As a Mom do our responsibilities and really gives our best in to ever tasks we have every day, we do it with our heart and love for our family!
So, how about you? Maybe you also have another routine as a Mom, would you mind sharing it to us?