Kailan ang huling beses na nag-effort ka on clothes? Ilang linggo na rin siguro. No matter our wardrobes
are stuffed with jeans, tops, shirts and n number ng mga aksesorya, we still find an excuse or two to get
more. May kasal next month, then shopping starts this day! Birthdays, of course bibili ka ng masusuot na
fascinating sa paningin ng tao. There are innumerable occasions to attend. At para sa mga okasyon na
iyon, you need something to wear, something na appropriate sa kung ano’ng event mayroon. Dahil
nothing is more comfortable than wearing a dress that suits you and proper for the situation you are in.
But in case if di ka talaga masyadong nag-aayos kapag nananamit. Well, begin now para ma-lessen na
ang stress in dressing. And here are some of the usual occasions na maaari kang maimbitahan, you must
know these, really! Especially what to wear on this instances.:

    Hindi ba totoo na gusto natin ma-grab yung attention or just the glance of people nan aa-
    acknowledge o naa-appreciate ka nila with how you appear before them? You can be you and
    do your best every day. So, why wait for an occasion kung pwede ka naman magdress all you
    want. Go for bright colors para light yung aura. Cool t-shirts, jeans, sport shoes, anything that
    suits you, bagay sa’yo! No day could be better to look awesome than today. Ika nga ni Oscar
    Wilde “you can never be overdressed or over-educated.”
    Meeting with colleagues, dinner parties, hindi lang basta occasion yun. Have you ever thought
    of that? Mahalaga yun from the perspective of your relatives or office mates. Di ka pwede
    magsuot ng kahit ano’ng gusto mo lang. Oo, hindi formal event pero reconsider . Though it does
    said na “casual”, the looks of decency is what you must possess.
    If yung school ay required with uniforms, follow the rules then. But the thing is, wear your
    uniform properly. Be always clean and neat, para kahit saang anggulo ka tingnan, it is simple yet
    Ito ang pinaghahandaan ng kahit sinumang single pa, you have to put effort . Siyempre you
    would want to look presentable naman siguro sa mata ng ide-date mo hindi ba? But sometimes
    nagma-matter din yung place ng pagmi-meeting-an niyo. So, always be prepared, na by the use
    of clothes, you’ll be able to express the real you. And mind you, look presentable and pleasant
    as you can form head to toe. Then there’ll be both—expression and impression.
    Now this one is really about impression. These chance matters the most kung gusto mon a
    makilala at maka-bond ang family ng partner mo. Also here, kung paano ka nagprepare on your
    dates, same here! You must and must show your best looking presentable sa harap ng magulang
    ng partner mo.
    Feel free to look good at this perfect time. marriage calls for a big trouble, maraming mga bilihin
    oo. Pero just look and be your best then things might go your way perfectly!
    Yes! Best day of your life ang wedding day mo. It just goes with a bridal gown pero choose the
    gown that looks good on you. At probably alam mo’ng babagay sa’yo together with your
    beloved someone. And if possible, make everything for your wedding na kakaiba—be unique!
    It’s your day after all!
    Since haharap ka sa crowd, better wear something with cool colors which give a calming effect.
    Hindi madi-distract ang audience sa unnecessary color and stripes. They have a little choice na
    magpokus sa words mo rather than lines or breaks. Being dressed in the same color is very
    trendy after all!
  9. NIGHTCLUB/VIP lounge
    Dress to impress! Just get set and be ready for the party. A big part of looking best also lies in
    confidence and attitude. Pero don’t look “trying hard”. Wear the brands and carry them off with
    style and panache.
    Di tulad ng mga kasal, funerals are where you want to look subdued. Manamit ka nang
    makakarespeto sa deceased. It’s needless to catch attention from people. Don’t hesitate na
    maging medyo formal kahit papano about the dressing sense.
    Now you learn from all this information, better keep it as a guide every time na may
    pupuntahan ka. Para in any kind of occasions, you’ll know how to dress properly. Keep in mind
    na you have to always look your best pa rin every time pero hindi mukhang trying hard like if an
    item doesn’t even fit pero sinuot mo pa rin. You’ll feel uncomfortable and dun makikita kung
    trying hard ka o hindi. So just be the real you and don’t forget to choose dresses that suits you
    Just wanna know, how about you? When and where do you usually wear dresses?