As people continue to age, we continuously grow and develop mentally at isyempre physically. Fashion is not just something that exists sa dresses lang.  Kailangan ng certain ideas, kung paano tayo mamuhay at kung ano’ng nangyayari sa paligid, everything must be appropriate and be in its own places! At ang age? It’s just numbers, maraming kababaihan  young or adult can be a model of any brands of dresses. Sa panahon ngayon, hindi na big deal ang age when it comes to fashion. If you have the confidence and will able na ipakita ang talent mo in modelling then why not? Anyone can be somebody someday when their right time comes. Marami sa kababaihan na tingin na rin sa fashion is sport, with trends, hemlines and style icons discussed tulad ng football or basketball.

Anyways,  ito ang buhay. Ano nga ba tunay na meaning ng “age appropriate”?

Miniskirt after 40, well, that’s a no. or long hair. Sleeveless in your 50s? That’s a big no NO!.. suitable pa bay un para sa ganung age?

Pero sabi ng designer na si Marissa Webb “I don’t think a number defines your age. Your lifestyle and energy do. I’ve met many women in their 50s who are in still amazing shape and can pretty much pull off any outfit.” It’s a matter of your lifestyle ayon sa kanya. May mga age of 50 na pero nakakapagbihis pa rin the way they want dahil they’re still on amazing shape.

 Dagdag pa niya, “ Dressing your age means feeling comfortable in your own skin and working with what you’ve got.” Which is dito mag-eenter yung appropriateness.  Magiging appropriate lamang ang pananamit mo kung alam mo sa sarili mo na your skin or physicsl appearance is still healthy and firm.

Overconfidence is your greatest enemy, though kahit may freedom ka na magsuot dresses na gusto mo, not all the time pwede ito at pwede itong ganyan na dress sa’yo.

On your  teens to 20s, yan, pwede pa yan. You can weae something fitted, skin-showing, some dresses na pwede pa base sa composure at state ng katawan mo.

30s to early 50s – these ages will look good going back to classics.  At least the most comfortable ones. Tama lang na bumalik sa classics like being formal, not wearing dresses that are revealing. It is so not appropriate kung magsusuot ka ng dresses na mas bagay na pang-teenagers or women and ladies on 20 years of ages.

Late 50s and above, most probably ang mas preferable para sa mga nasa edad na ito ay yung hindi lss tighten dresses or loose dresses to be exact. At this ages, they are totally aging na parang they needed is yung “just right” feeling of comfortableness nalang in their dresses.

Dressing your age? “It takes a lot of maturity and confidence to define your style.” According to Jenny Kayne. As you grow older naman, year by year you’ll feel the changes in your body na mako-concious ka na and there you can conclude kung paano ka na dapat manamit.  And one reminder, gawin mo lang kung ano yung tama, hindi yung madali. Kasi if you know it’s right then you will be all right fixing yourself.