ONLINE BUSINESS 101: 8 Tips To Help You Start NOW

Have you noticed the rise in online bakeshops on Instagram and Facebook? How about the increase in resellers of cosmetics and clothing? Napansin mo man or hindi, we can’t deny that this quarantine has pushed many people into starting their online business. 

And because you clicked on this article, I know that you want to do that too! You probably have an idea for your own online business already but maybe you’re not sure how to start exactly, or maybe you’re scared. I get that! 

Lucky for you, this video from my channel museelife 101 will give you 8 amazing tips to help you get started! 

I have been an online entrepreneur for more than a decade now and my experience has given me so much insight to how to not only start a business, but to start it strong and make it grow. Through my videos and other content, I hope to inspire and empower Filipinos to take matters into their own hands! Because I swear, you have what it takes. You only need a strong guide and that’s why I’m here!

Sa video na ‘to inisa-isa ko ang top 8 tips na makakatulong sa kahit sinong gustong magstart ng online business. Hindi lang kasi dapat basta-basta tayong maglalabas ng pera on something! We need to have a good foundation behind our business especially now in the digital age kung saan malawak na ang competition between businesses. 

This is why my first tip is to know your why. Isa ito sa paraan para magstand out ka talaga dahil yung why mo ay specific lang sa’yo! So what do we mean by this? I simply mean that you need to have a deep reason, a meaningful purpose as to why you’re doing your online business. Eto yung problema ko before kasi andami ko ng naging business na hindi lumago kasi my why wasn’t big enough. 

Now, paano nga ba tayo makakagawa ng biggest why natin? Dyan papasok yung second tip ko which is to know your goal! Siguro naman naisip mo na ano goal mo sa pagtayo ng online business pero isa pang tip dito ay gawin mong malayo-layo ang goal mo. Kasi kung maliit na bagay lang siya, baka naman mawalan ka na ng reason to keep going once you attain that small goal. 

Another thing to keep you going is to know your passion! Kapag pumasok ka sa isang business make sure that it’s something that you really love para hindi ka mahirapan. In my video I talk about the origins of my own business and where I got the inspiritation from, which I think you’ll find very helpful once you’ve watched it! 

Syempre hindi enough yung passion lang din kailangan mo ring iconsider yung strengths and weaknesses mo. Of course sa simula talagang mag-isa ka lang sa paghandle ng mga bagay-bagay pero once you grow you’ll notice na may mga bagay na kaya mo at meron ding dapat ipagbilin sa iba dahil mas magaling sila dito. And there’s nothing wrong with that! 

Once you have all of those foundational aspects down, my fifth tip is to decide NOW! Kailangan mong magdecide if itutuloy mo ba ito or hindi and you must do it now. Kung maghesitate ka pa, you’ll end up not going through with it and you might have regrets in the end. Again, don’t be afraid to decide! If you choose to move forward you have me as your guide to the e-commerce world! 

Kasi off course there is a lot of technical stuff that needs to be learned when it comes to online businesses kaya nga ang sixth tip ko is to know the basics of the e-commerce world. Just like I said in the video, it’s like learning the ABCs of a language. Eto yung magiging basis mo sa lahat ng gagawin mo! 

At syempre my last two tips are time management and commitment. They go hand in hand because you must manage your time well so that you know when to spend time on family, social media, your business, etc. This takes discipline! At yung disiplina na yun ay makukuha mo if you are committed to your business. Commit to your goals! Commit to making your venture grow! 

These can all be scary to read here but again, you are not alone in this! I know life is tough right now because of the pandemic. Marami sa atin ang nawalan ng trabaho kaya talagang may pangangailangan to start an online business. That is why I am so passionate about guiding you, because I know you have great need and an even greater potential. Whether you need information on the e-commerce world or glimpses of my life as an entrepreneur, my channel museelife 101 is here for you through it all! 

I hope this inspires you and gives you the tools you need to kickstart your online business TODAY. Don’t forget to stay safe, happy, and connected!