Over the years from 1997 up to the year 2014, the number of stay-at-home moms declined!



As you can see, isn’t it ironic that the stay-at-home Moms declined and those stay-at-home fathers rise-up! I mean usually kasi diba, ang mga ama ang wala sa bahay at laging nanay yang naiiwan, that’s how our culture and life works as a mother, but that is before!

So the big question is, what happen to those number of Moms who’s already not a “stay-at-home mother” san nasilanapunta? Cause seriously we know naman na over this years motherhood increases, paraming parami ang mga nanay like us! But kung bumababa ang porsyentong mga Inang nasa bahay, e asan sila?

Well, one of the answer is, they are probably working! According to the “working Mother statistics” of Statistics Brain, 61% of moms work out of their home and in the country of Sweden there are 76% of working Moms, same us in united states with 61%  if working Moms.

Another example to further clarify, the pie graph below shows the percentage of working moms increasing over the year of 1997 and 2012. The graph is from the PewResearch Center Social and Demographic Trends.

And I know, here in our country, the Philippines we also have a large number of working moms like me.

So in this kind of dilemma of us being a mother and a worker at the same time, what maybe the reason behind this? I mean, of course we do love our family! That’s not questionable, so there must be reasons for us to take the risk of working while being a mother to our family.

And one of the main reason is that, we the mothers, wants to provide for our family! Well yes, maybe that work is for our husband or our partner in life, but still there are times that we needed to help them and provide cause maybe our family needs more and a one person to provide is not enough. Just like me and my husband, he is working in Dubai for years and I am here in the Philippines with our child doing some business to help and provide our needs. Well yes, my husband can provide for us, but the thing is aside from only helping him I also wants to work for my passion, for my satisfaction, and that is also one of the reason why we became working Moms, it is because we need to be satisfied, hindi naman sa hindi tayo kontentosa pagiging Ina, but I believe naman na we always have that fire in our hearts that desires for working on our passion, and that my dear, is what drives us to be a working Mom.

And of course isa rin sa dahilan, well this is the most common reason I think, it is that some Mothers like us failed to have the partner-to-provide for the family Sad,but that’s the truth nowadays! As also shown on the graph above, the numbers of stay-at-home “fathers” is increasing! Kasi diba it should be the father who is working and the mother will stay!

Pero ngayon baliktad na!

Kaya naman walang choice ang mga dakilang Ina but to work and provide also!  His part maybe sad on our part, but still the good thing is we are doing whatever it is for our family! We work for our family and we provide for them!

So, as we can see, the number of working Moms increase over time than the stay-at-home Moms, well of course we all know naman that there are benefits din if you are a stay-at-home Moms, you can focus more on your family, you can take care of them so much more than a working Moms can do.

But still being a working Mom also helps a mother provide for their family needs and explore on their working fields. Pero syempre it still depends on the situation of the mothers themselves, it will depend on their decision and perception in which they can serve better as a Mommy.

After all, what matters the most naman is that you are still a Mother, either  a working mom, stay-at-home Mom or whatever! Still you are a Mom, that’s what still counts at the end of the day!