People sure know ang rules noon sa dress from before and now don’t you think?
As time passes by, maraming nagbabago siyempre hindi lang sa buhay. Kung ang buhay nga nagbabago, ang damit pa kaya? Or rather ang pananamit pa kaya?

Let me introduce these old rules and new rules sa pananamit when it comes to fashion.

1. The Old Rule:“You Should Never Wear White”
The new rule: “White does not make you look larger if you find the right pieces, just as black will not make you look smaller if it doesn’t fit properly.” –Susan Moses

2. The Old Rule: “Button-Down Shirts Are Unflattering”
The new rule: “Button-down shirts complement curves.” –Nicole Brewer

3. The Old Rule: “Bright Colors and Prints Will Call Unnecessary Attention to Your Shape and Make You Look Bigger”
The new rule: “There are no rules when it comes to color—just make sure it complements your complexion.” -Amy Spivok-Richman
“One color melts into the other and it’s really flattering.” –Susan Moses

4. The Old Rule: “Stripes Are the Enemy”
The new rule: “Many designers are now making stripes that are asymmetrical, making you appear smaller.” –Nicole Brewer

5. The Old Rule: “Following Trends Is Too Risky. Just Stick to the Basics”The new rule: “How do you know if you haven’t tried? You might have already dismissed something that could be your best friend.” –Marie Denee

6. The Old Rule: “Fussy Details Like Ruffles Will Only Draw Unwanted Focus”
The new rule: “Be strategic about where they’re placed—vertical ruffles on one side of a skirt or dress are elongating, and they’re also pretty on sleeves, cuffs, and the hem of the skirt for drawing the eye.” –Susan Moses

Para matulungan lahat ng mga full figured women out there, ito na ang mga rules on how you must dress na ayon sa body type niyo. An always remember mga kakabaihang plus-size, best before doing or choosing your dresses, alamin niyo at unahin niyo sa lahat ay yung body shape niyo.

That way, it will be more easier para ma-accomplish mo yung mga goal mo in terms od dressing or dresses. Nothing is impposible! We all have the freedom to look fab all way long..

All that na dapat mong ma-possess ngayon is your confidence at style sa fashion. Because kung mayroon ka nun, hinding hindi mo mararamdaman na talo ka or “Ay! Hindi ako pwede magsuot ng ganyang dress!” feeling.

And when you have it, panalong panalo na ang feeling di ba?

Ikaw kaya? Do you also have a rule when it comes to dressing?