Why online sellers have to take care of their health?

Online selling has become quite a popular venture for most people, especially in this time of pandemic.

In my years of experience in online selling, I have never seen more online business than there are now.

Dati, iilan lang ang nagbebenta online, and usually certain products lang like clothing or shoes ang meron.

Nowadays, people sell almost everything online, making it amazingly convenient for everyone since just a few clicks will give us what we need at our doorstep.

However, this convenience is not really free. With COVID-19 still around, we actually risk ourselves getting exposed whenever we buy and sell online.

As a concerned citizen, especially a concerned mom, lagi akong nag-aalala on what my next package may bring.

Baka mamaya contaminated na ito hindi ba?

As an online seller on the other hand,

I make sure that my customers have nothing to worry about whenever they purchase from my business.

How? By staying healthy of course! 

The saying “health is wealth” has never been truer until today, especially for us online sellers.

With a virus that can be passed on even at the slightest contact, we must all be careful of how we sanitize and handle our products. Most importantly, we must take care of our health.

I’m sure all of us are worried about our health right? So try putting yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Wouldn’t you be worried about the health of the seller handling your orders?

Ito ang pinakamahalagang rason kung bakit dapat nating panatiliing healthy ang ating mga sarili bilang online sellers.

Aside from our own well-being, kailangan nating isipin ang kalusugan din ng customers natin.

Hence, we should always practie proper hygiene and take vitamins whenever we can to really build our immune system.

In this pandemic, we must look out for one another after all and we must all do our part in keeping everyone safe. 

Another important reason why we should stay healthy is for our own business, of course.

Consistency is key sa pagmaintain ng isang negosyo, and the only way you can be consistent is if you are healthy.

If you get sick or fatigued, you might miss out on business opportunities, lose sales, or just overall end up losing your momentum.

Isa pa, it might even lead you to being anxious over your business.

I remember na kapag nagkakasakit ako, hindi rin ako gaanong makapagpahinga kasi inaalala ko kung paano na yung business ko.

Iniisip ko na ‘hala, baka dapat may ginagawa akong iba ngayon’ imbes na magpagaling.

I know that shouldn’t be the case, pero hindi naman maiiwasan yung pagworry na yun. As a businesswoman,

I will always be concerned about the status of my business.

And because of that, I do my best to take care of my health so it doesn’t get to the point where I’m unable to work as usual.

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.


Kung maaagapan ang pagkakaroon ng sakit, then we must do everything in our powers to do just that! 

Taking care of our health doesn’t have to be hard at all!

There are many ways that we can ensure that we are doing our best to stay healthy and alert.

One is to eat healthy food as much as possible.

Hindi man ako expert in nutrition but dahil isa rin akong ina na nagbabantay sa kinakain ng mga anak ko, alam ko kung ano ang mga pagkaing magpapalakas sa resistensya at kung ano ang makakasama.

I suggest that you try your best to sneak in vegetables and fruits in your daily meals so you get a dose of natural vitamins whenever you can.

Syempre hindi rin mawawala ang need to get proper exercise.

I know that as an online seller, you might not think that you have time or energy to exercise but I’m telling you, even simple movements can help you stay healthy.

Ang favorite kong gawin is to just take a walk around my neighborhood or even better, spend some quality time playing along with my kids.

It might not feel like exercise, but as long as you are active and moving around, then you are already doing so much for your health. 

Still, no matter how hard we try, we never really know if we will be 100% safe from falling ill. So as important it is to prevent being sick, we must also be prepared for when it happens.

We can do this by making sure to assign someone to take care of our business in the event that something unprecedented happens.

Similarly, we should also safeguard ourselves and our business on a larger scale by securing a trustworthy insurance plan!

An insurance package can ensure that if something happens to us online sellers or our business itself, that we won’t completely be left with nothing.

Having insurance means that if we need emergency resources to sustain our business and address our health problems, then we’ll have access to it.

This is made possible by getting in touch with an insurance company that offers specific packages for online sellers or individuals.

Some reliable companies are Sun Life Inc., Philam Life, and Pru Life Insurance Corporation. If you want to learn more about these companies, you can also read my article on the top 5 insurance companies in the Philippines. 

I sincerely hope you take these tips and advice into heart.

I shared this because alam ko kung gaano kahalaga ang ating health bilang online sellers.

I also know how hard it is whenever we get sick kahit pa simpleng ubo or lagnat lang yan.

Andami talagang aspects of our business na naapektuhan kapag may nararamdaman tayong kakaiba.

This is why I wanted to remind you all through this article why you should always prioritize your health, how you can stay healthy, and where you can ask for help if needed.

Sana nakatulong ito sainyo because all I want is for you to prosper. Stay safe and stay healthy!