International Beauty Consultant.

Marketing Strategist.



These are just some of the words that can describe Mary Quinto.

But it will take more than just eight words to encompass the experiences, achievements, and identity of a woman who has been carving her path in the business and marketing world for over a decade.

So if you’d like to get to know her more, read on to learn about her journey in getting to where she is now and her current mission to take things to the next level. 

Her journey starts as a graduate from the Lasalle College of Canada where she eventually took off as an international makeup artist.

Mary’s experience under this era of her life is vast and ludicrous. She was able to work with Filipino celebrities under the media company ABS-CBN for various shows and teleseryes.

Below you’ll see her photos with top artists such as Echo Rosales, Gabby Concepcion, Zanjoe Marudo, and Luis Manzano

All of these combined have helped her build not only her skills in the Beauty Industry but also hone her capacities as a marketing guru.

Because she spent so much time surrounded by celebrities and big shots in the industry,

Mary was able to learn the art of presenting oneself with poise and purpose. She carried herself in a way that highlighted not only her physical grace and beauty, but also her competence and determination. 

Thus, it is no surprise that during these times she was also able to kick start her business, Dress in Manila.

Yes, she was able to juggle her work in the beauty and media industry with her entrepreneurial venture!

This brand of hers showcased her original designs for dresses made by and for Filipinas. It steadily grew until she was able to mount runway shows, which were attended by a diverse audience eager to witness the beauty that Dress in Manila possessed.

As you can see from the photos on the right, her designs were always unique, fun, and versatile.

Through this business, Mary Quinto was able to open a lot of doors for herself. She was featured not once, not twice, but several times on different media outlets. In the photos below you’ll see Dress in Manila being featured in TV5’s Balitaan.



And after that, we have the owner herself in the Pinoy-favorite radio channel, DZMM. Dress in Manila was also featured in When In Manila, a popular Filipino source for news and blog posts. She even got to meet so many icons from the Fashion industry, including the international empress herself, Paris Hilton as seen in this photo. 

Upon establishing her business in the Philippines, Mary Quinto sought out greater heights abroad as well. Her experience and skills landed her a job as a Beauty and Skin Care consultant in a luxury company in Dubai.

There she was able to learn from a diverse set of people in various industries so when she came home once more to her homeland, she was already brimming with ideas. Hence, Marthena Mercier was born.

This clothing brand of hers elevated the ideas that Dress in Manila started with by breaking in the e-commerce world and being a pioneer when it comes to online businesses.

She poured her heart and soul into this brand until it grew to exponential proportions. From a simple idea that was started from scratch,

Marthena Mercier now caters to 30,000 Filipinas nationwide and has over 150,000 likes.

Her clientele has continued expand from not only fashion enthusiasts and mothers but also to profesisonals such as doctors, lawyers, and media personalities. Until today, this business of hers thrives in the loyalty and trust that Mary Quinto built between her and her customers. 

So with all of this being said, we may now answer the question, who is Mary Quinto?


Yes she is an entrepreneur, international Beauty Consultant, marketing strategist, mentor--and a successful one at that.

But in her core, Mary Quinto is a woman who works with her whole heart.

She never starts something with less than a hundred percent commitment. She sets her goals and works hard to achieve them not only through determination but her unparalleled knowledge and skills on marketing and promotions.

That is where her expertise lies. She knows how to promote her brand not just for the sake of promoting but with a clear purpose that by doing so, she aims to help Filipinas who may come across her business.

Now, she wants to share all her knowledge and experience with everyone! Mary Quinto believes that everyone has the potential to build a great venture from scratch.

Why? Because she did it herself! One thing we must note about her is that everything she teaches is from her vast experiences.

Her aim is to get women like her (like you!) to believe in themselves enough to build their own online brand.

She will do this through her line up of services that will teach you things like building a clothing business from scratch and how to earn passive income at home.

Isn’t that incredible?

With both her success stories and trial and errors, she hopes to be your guide as you carve your path in the world. What are you waiting for? Start your journey TODAY.